Dear friends in Teams,

We are delighted to announce that our 2nd edition of the Marriage Masterclass with Teams of Our Lady will be taking place on a private group on Facebook, from December 1st, at 00.01 am until December 8th, at 11.59 pm (Irish time). Over 40 videos, from 10 countries spanning 5 continents are waiting for you at this free online event. JOIN our private Facebook group called Marriage Masterclass with Teams of Our Lady. To note, you can send your joining request anytime, however all our guests will be allowed in only at the start of the event.

Kindly circulate the Marriage Masterclass poster below with people of good faith, whether in Teams or not, who might be interested in participating. To those of you in the leadership of Teams, a further request to forward this email and poster to all members in your super-regions, regions and sectors.

By clicking on the poster below, you will be directed to the Marriage Masterclass group where all you need to do is CLICK the JOIN button. When sharing the poster, bear in mind that the link works only if you forward this email.  Alternatively, if you wish to display the poster on social media, websites etc, please find attached a second version of the poster which is more suitable for this purpose.

Given the personal content of the video testimonies and the need to create a safe space for this Marriage Masterclass, you are kindly requested to use discernment when circulating this poster outside Teams of Our Lady.

Finally, please keep the Marriage Masterclass in your prayers so it will be a successful event and will reach many hearts.

God bless and stay safe,

Ingrid and Padraig

Regional Expansion Committee

Teams of Our Lady Ireland